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Canadian Grown Hemp Products Available in Australia

The Dilemma

Now more than ever it’s important to check the country of origin of products you consume. From November 12, 2017, changes were made to the Food Standards Code to permit the sale of low-psychoactive hemp seed as a food in Australia. (The psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol is referred to as THC).

This is great news, however unfortunately the country of origin and manufacturing / packaging details provided by some Hemp suppliers can be vague.

The Solution

In 1998, Industrial Hemp was legalised in Canada and since then Canadian growers abide by strict Government Regulations. Canadian growers possess the experience and expertise to produce some of the highest quality Hemp Products in the world. Canada’s optimal climate and nutrient rich soil produces optimum hemp crops.

We’ve done the research and chosen Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Lariese Hemp Products based on their taste, quality and the fact that they only use Canadian grown and produced hemp.

Manitoba Harvest are the global leader in Hemp Foods and take a seed to shelf approach, controlling everything from what hemp seed gets planted, to how products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed. View our Manitoba Harvest Hemp Nutritional Information quick reference guide for all products in the range.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods are:

THC Free | GMO Free | Vegan Friendly | Run through 34 quality tests | Received Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) Status – American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation recognizing a substance as safe among experts.

Lariese use a unique proprietary hemp seed that has adapted to the cold Canadian conditions and produces more Omega fatty acids as a result.

Lariese Hemp products are:

THC Free | GMO Free | Vegan Friendly

Here are our curated Canadian Grown Hemp Products: