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Experience Wellness & Vitality with the World’s #1 Oxygen & Nutrient Formula

Gluten & Dairy Free | Vegetarian | Vegan Friendly | Oxygen, Minerals & Amino Acid Concentrate | 90 Servings per Bottle

Since 1969, Cellfood Original Concentrate 30 ml has been trusted by Health Professionals in over 94 countries to assist in revitalizing your body and revolutionize your wellness program. This Cellfood Oxygen & Nutrient formula is a unique blend of 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen compacted in liquid form. Cellfood Original Concentrate 30 ml is quickly and easily absorbed by every cell in the body and contains high-quality plant-based ingredients that deliver all the nutrients your body needs for optimum health.

This low allergy formula is created using a revolutionary nine-month process. The plant materials are held in a negatively charged suspension which results in this rich, antioxidant, alkalising liquid formula. When consumed, the liquid works to split water molecules, releasing the oxygen so that it can be absorbed by the cells. The formula keeps working hours after it is first consumed, although the oxygen uptake peaks at around 8 – 12 hours. The negative charge attracts positively charged free radicals within the body, stabilising them and preventing the damage they can cause. Read more …

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